Pratices Areas


Knowledge Management Focuses on People Process and Technology.  As you will see our practice ensures that we deliver key services in each area to ensure that your KM program is holistic and successful.


A sound KM strategy is vital for an organization for scalability and competitive advantage.   This should ideally be one of the first steps in a knowledge management program. Additionally, Information Management, Content and Engagement Strategy are vital components.  At Bridge Consulting, we design and develop a sound KM strategy.  The output will include a KM vision, mission, RACI, scope, critical areas of focus, change management, pilots and key success factors.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture Enterprise architecture (EA) is a discipline for proactively and holistically leading enterprise responses to disruptive forces by identifying and analyzing the execution of change toward desired business vision and outcomes. EA delivers value by presenting business and IT leaders with signature-ready recommendations for adjusting policies and projects to achieve target business outcomes that capitalize on relevant business disruptions.

Governance And Benchmarking

This is one of the core components of Knowledge Management and is often overlooked.  Any truly successful KM implementation will have sound Governance and Benchmarking.   By working alongside your KM management team and Leadership team, we will develop a governance strategy in your KM framework.   We create Knowledge Management Policies, Metrics and Analytics, Benchmarking processes and a performance structure that translates to business value.


Knowledge Management implementation is a critcal step.  Too many organizations, KM is new and we have the expertise and experience with prior Implementations.  By leveraging our expertise, lessons learned from past implementations, critical success factors we will work with your KM team to optimize tools, build pilots, create Information Architecture and work on change management every step of the process.

Social Collaboration

The way we learn and communicate has changed drastically over the last decade.  We focus on building communities of practice, creation of strategy, community leader toolkits, training for facilitators and adoption and engagement activities.  These can be accomplished in a variety of fashions and our experts will work with you to ensure your Community is sustainable.


Tools are an important factor in knowledge management.  Often, organizations tend to focus on tools and neglect people and/or process.  We conduct a tools analysis, strategy with corp IT, budgets and resource plans as well.  We are fully qualified to design, develop and deploy various KM technological solutions that focus on Document/Content Management and Collaboration.  Our experts have designed, developed and administered SharePoint 2010 and 2013, Wikis such as Confluence and Mind touch.  Federated search tools such as FAST and Coveo.